Charles de Andrade

1952 -

Raised Roman Catholic with six siblings, Charles married his college sweet heart Gloria in 1973 when both were 20.

After college his plans to go overseas to Zambia Africa to teach never materialized as providence kept him in the US where he became an electrician. Charlie Klein, the electrician who taught him the trade, introduced him to the Biblical Christ, and to the Rev Mark Pett.

Under Mark and Charlie's patient tutelage Charles was drawn to Christ. In the early 1980's he attended Chesapeake Seminary briefly where he started writing. The first chapter of his fourth book was written as the final for a course titled the "Attributes of God" and he has been writing ever since that experience.

His first series of books, is titled "The Steward Series" and is comprised of five books anchored by Ephesians 6:12. The books are all historical fiction, covering the period from the Vietnam war through current day, and are drawn from personal experience, stories of the period told the author, and historical events.

The books are:

Chosen: Book One - Released September 16, 2014 by Tate Publishing - Moved To Redemption Press After Tate went Bankrupt in 2016

Intervention : Book Two - Released September 21, 2015 by Tate Publishing Moved To Redemption Press After Tate went Bankrupt in 2016

Damaged Goods : Book Three - Released November 1, 2016 by Tate Publishing Moved To Redemption Press After Tate went Bankrupt in 2016

Homecoming: Book Four - Published November 30, 2017 by Trinity Press, available on Amazon and at

Exclamation : Book Five - Released January 6, 2019

Today, Charles is the proud father of three daughters, the grandfather of eight wonderful grandchildren and one step-son, and he and his wife Gloria live in Summerfield Florida.

Charles is the founding member of Scribblers, a group of Christian writers, who meet for encouragement, and review of each members writing. Scribblers also serves as a network of resources for aspiring authors. More information is available at

Charles currently serves as a board member for Northampton Press/Don Kistler Ministries, publishing Puritan works. He also serves as the President for Bee Natural Products, a company working with bee keepers and marketing their products. More information is available at

He is currently working on the second series of books examining the miracles of Christ from the view of the individual receiving the benefit of the miracle. The first book, "Tears of the Saints" is completed and work on the second in the series is underway.

For more information on Charles please see or at or e-mail him at


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